Quick Answer: What Is The Best Portable Air Conditioner?

Here are the best portable air conditioners in 2019:

  • Best portable AC overall: LG 14,000 BTU Portable AC.
  • Best dual-hose portable AC: Whynter 14,000 BTU Portable AC.
  • Best 12,000 BTU portable AC: Whynter 12,000 BTU Portable AC.
  • Best portable AC for small rooms: LG 8,000 BTU Portable AC.

What is the best portable air conditioner on the market?

The Best Portable Air Conditioner

  1. Honeywell MN10CESWW MN Series 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.
  2. LG LP1215GXR Portable AC 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.
  3. BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.
  4. Frigidaire Cool Connect 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.
  5. LG LP0817WSR 8000 BTU.

Do portable air conditioners work well?

What’s more, a window air conditioner actually uses energy more efficiently than a portable unit does. That means you get even more cooling power per BTU. When you are looking at window units, pay attention to the BTU rating. The higher that number is, the bigger the room the unit can cool.

What is the best portable air conditioner 2019?

The Best Portable Air Conditioners of 2019

  • Editor’s Pick – LG Portable Air Conditioner.
  • Premium Choice – Frigidaire Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner.
  • Best Value – Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner.
  • Best for Large Rooms – Whynter Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioner.

What is the best personal air conditioner?

The 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners for Beating Summer Heat

  1. Most Accurate.
  2. Most Compact. Black & Decker BPACT14H.
  3. Whynter Elite ARC-122DS. Courtesy.
  4. Frigidaire B06Y1BLFBN. Courtesy.
  5. Whynter ARC-14S. Courtesy.
  6. Whynter Elite ARC-122DS. Courtesy.
  7. Honeywell CSO71AE. Courtesy.
  8. Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air Cooler. Courtesy.

How do I choose a portable air conditioner?



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Do all portable air conditioners have to be vented out a window?

However, portable air conditioners do require venting via a window or wall. Once you’ve positioned the portable air conditioner where you’d like it, you must set the exhaust hose through an opening to the outside so that it can vent hot air out of the room.

Are portable air conditioners expensive to run?

According to 2013 reports from the “Rapid City Journal,” running a portable air conditioner uses as little as one-eighth of the electricity required to run a central air-conditioning unit, which roughly translates to one-eighth of the cost, as well.

Is it safe to leave portable air conditioner on all day?

Technically you can leave your AC on all day and all night, although this might not be a good idea for a few reasons. First off, leaving it on constantly is a waste of electricity and will only eat away at your electrical bill every month.

Do portable air conditioners use a lot of electricity?

Depending upon its size (cooling capacity in Btuh), using a portable air conditioner may use just one-eighth as much electricity as your central air conditioner. For example, there is no need to keep the entire house cool at night when you can run a portable air conditioner in your bedroom.

Can portable air conditioners be used in a room without a window?

Can I use a portable air conditioner in a room without a window? Just like all other air conditioning units, portable air conditioners need to have somewhere to release heat. For example, you can attach the exhaust tube to an air vent. Maybe the best idea would be to install a small vent leading directly outside.

How can I cool my room down without AC?

15 Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

  • Keep your blinds closed.
  • Better yet, invest in blackout curtains.
  • Be smart about your doors.
  • Hack a fan instead of turning on the A.C.
  • Swap your sheets.
  • Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise.
  • Focus on the temperature in your body, not the house.
  • Turn on your bathroom fans.

What is the most energy efficient portable air conditioner?

The Frigidaire Gallery 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Portable (FGPC1244T1) might not be the most powerful or quiet portable AC available but it has a very high energy-efficiency ratio (EER), and—if you can say such a thing about a portable AC—it’s the best looking.

What size portable air conditioner should I get?

In a standard room with 8-foot ceilings, use these estimations: 8,000 BTUs will cover 200 sq. ft. (1,600 cubic feet) 10,000 BTUs will cover 300 sq. ft. (2,400 cubic feet) 12,000 BTUs will cover 400 sq. ft. (3,200 cubic feet)

What is the quietest portable air conditioner?

Whynter ARC-122DS Elite 12000 BTU Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioner – Quietest Portable AC. If you’re shopping a portable air conditioner for your bedroom, the Whynter ARC-122DS Elite is the best choice. At only 51.5 dB on the highest fan speed, this unit is so quiet that you should be able to sleep easier all summer.

Do all portable air conditioners need to be drained?

In most cases, your portable air conditioner will not need to be drained. Edgestar, Avallon and Koldfront portable air conditioners use a condensation exhaust system to expel water vapor collected during the dehumidifying/cooling process. This moisture is released through the exhaust hose along with hot exhaust air.

Are there portable air conditioners without exhaust?

Unfortunately, there is no way to run a portable air conditioner without an exhaust hose. You can buy a ventless air cooler to make a room more comfortable, but these units are not truly air conditioners. Portable air conditioners use a hose to vent warm air.

Are there ventless portable air conditioners?

A ventless portable air conditioner goes by several names, such as a swamp cooler and an evaporative air conditioner. Strictly speaking, it’s not an air conditioner, since air conditioning — in which the air is treated, chilled, dehumidified and filtered— must be vented to the outside, to pump the heat out.

Is there a portable air conditioner that doesn’t need venting?

Portable air conditioners can’t be ventless because they all produce hot exhaust air as a result of the heat exchange process that produces the cold air. That hot air must be vented to the outside because if it is not, you will get a net temperature increase in the room.

How long should a portable air conditioner last?

With mild to moderate use, they can last twice as long. However, it is not unusual for air conditioners to last 20 to 25 years when they have been maintained properly over the years. If you want to get the most out of your air conditioner, make sure to have a licensed professional perform annual AC maintenance.

How often should you drain your portable air conditioner?



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Is it better to turn off AC or leave it on?

Most homeowners assume that the best way to save money on cooling costs is to turn their air conditioner off when they’re not at home. But there’s a much better way: Turn your thermostat up instead of turning the AC completely off. Saves you money. Keeps you comfortable.

Do portable AC units save money?

Yes. Portable air conditioners can save you money and lower your energy bills, but only if you are strategic in how use it.

How much does it cost to run AC for 1 hour?

It’s common for a central air conditioning system to use 3,500 watts, so let’s roll with that and the average national kWh cost – that’s 13.2 cents – to get an idea of a rough average running cost. Let’s also assume that you’re running the unit for eight hours per day. This setup will cost you $3.70 per day to run.

Is portable air conditioner energy efficient?

The DOE also reports that you can save up to 50% on your cooling bill by investing in a new, energy-efficient air conditioner. Popular among homeowners as well as business owners, portable air conditioners provide substantial energy-savings because they cool only one room instead of the entire home or office.

Does putting ice in front of a fan work?

Put a large bucket of ice directly in front of the fan. The fan will blow air over the ice, cooling it in the process. It may not be pretty, but it’ll keep you cool. If a big bucket of ice sounds like a lot of work, a wet washcloth will do roughly the same time – just place it over the front of the fan.

How can I cool my room naturally?

Cool as a Cucumber—How to Beat the Heat

  1. Choose cotton. Save the ooh-la-la satin, silk, or polyester sheets for cooler nights.
  2. Feel the freezer burn. Stick sheets in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before bed.
  3. Get cold comfort.
  4. Be creative.
  5. Sleep like an Egyptian.
  6. Get loose.
  7. Go old-school.
  8. Create a cross-breeze.

How do you sleep like an Egyptian?

Place the dry towel or sheet on your bed underneath your body and use the wet sheet as your blanket. The damp blanket will keep you cool. You might also try sleeping in a “‘spread eagle” position or on your side to keep your body cooler. Or try misting a top sheet and placing it inside a plastic bag in the freezer.

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